News from the Festival Office is that tickets are selling fast and we expect some shows to be booked out soon. Be sure to book your tickets early.

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News from the Festival Office The Nieu Bethesda Arts Festival Association is very excited to announce our newly established support from Absa as well as the continued support from the ATKV and the Nama Karoo Foundation. These sponsorships in support of the Arts and our Community make the 2010 Absa Fugard Festival not only possible but also offers a wide range of festivities to our visitors.

News from the Festival Office is that tickets are selling fast and we expect some shows to be booked out soon. Be sure to book your tickets early. For more information, please visit our website.

Inside this Issue News from the Festival Office Art Exhibitions

  1. ‘Canvas & Clay’ by Volga White Gerrie van Tonder Charmaine Haines Martin Haines
  2. ‘Wie is Jy’ deur Kay Fourie
  3. Life Aspects (Various Artists)

Volga White Nieu Bethesda is in the fortunate position to have for the second time a public exhibition of Volga’s work. Volga’s work form part of many renowned exhibitions locally and around the world. Volga was also chosen by Telkom as their Corporate Artist for 2010. Volga White’s earlier years on a farm installed in her rapport with nature, clearly reflected in the serenity and colours of her work.

Her unique style, which may create impression in the viewer’s eye, is nevertheless a pure expression of her own self, life and background Gerrie van Tonder Gerrie started painting in oils and watercolour at a young age without any formal training. He focused on the Karoo architecture and windmills of his native Philippolis.

In Cape Town he studied under Ryno Swart and developed a naturalistic style. His love for the Karoo has remained. His favourite subject matter is the horizontal Karoo landscapes, moods and buildings. He prefers to paint from nature, or from sketches in his studio. His works are in collections here and abroad.

Charmaine Haines Charmaine Haines is prominently established in the South African ceramics scene. Her work forms part of numerous art collections and has been selected to represent South Africa on International exhibitions. Working within the realm of figurative clay, Haines uses both abstract and stylised symbols and motives to embellish both her sculptural and utility forms. Vessels are thrown and altered incorporating sculptural elements and semi-relief. Coloured stains and natural oxide washes are used to further exemplify the manipulative and expressive quality of the clay surface, including carving and textures showing a strong sense of surface pattern. The ceramic pieces on show, embraces the artist’s continued fascination for Ancient Cultures, African Artefacts and Medieval Iconic Art.

Martin Haines Martin is a studio potter living in Nieu Bethesda producing a range of handmade flatware i.e. plates and platters, specializing also in the production of tiles. He works mainly in the colours of blue and white inspired by traditional early European porcelain namely Delftware. The work is decorative incorporating seventeen Century motives with contemporary designs. It is important to the artist that the work unlike fine porcelain has more of a rustic finish giving it a more tactile ‘peasant pottery’ feel.

Kay Fourie “Wie is jy?” (die tema gaan oor identiteit en die verskansing of onthulling daarvan) Kay het kuns gestudeer aan die Universiteit van die Vrystaat en woon sederdien op ‘n plaas in die Karoo naby Phillipstown. Sy maak al 21 jaar beelde en het geleer om te werk met enige material wat in haar omgewing beskikbaar is. Sy werk ook met papier-mâché, klei en hout en tekstiele. Temas wat haar interesseer is verhoudings, weerloosheid, en verganklikheid. Mens- of dierfigure is gewoonlik haar spreekbuis.

“Die Tuin” –Oude Pastorie Daagliks van 8H00 tot 17h00 “Life Aspects!” With local and artist from all over South Africa this exhibition entitled “Life Aspects” will also include Karoo Landscapes. This exhibition will be held in the Tennis Club and will be open from 08h00 to 14h00 each day of the festival. 27 paintings will be on exhibition as well as some sculptural pieces.

Credit card facilities will be available.  
Daily:8h00 – 17h00 Tennis Club