Stories in the media

Donkey carts are the cleanest way to travel


Sunday Times, 3 March 2009 by Paul Ash Every now and then you stumble across an idea that is so simple it stops you in your tracks. Such as as travelling by donkey cart. Imagine [...]

Nieu-Bethesda – A village which time forgot . . . but you won’t


Getaway - 1 July 1998 by Cathy Lanz There's more to Nieu-Bethesda than sheep, camels and an Owl House, Cathy Lanz realised during a recent visit to the mountain-encircled hamlet in the Central Karoo. "Meet [...]

Stones, Bones and Meerkats


Country Life, October 2007 by Julienne du Toit Like many other Karoo farmers, JP Steynberg has ‘fossil eyes’. Back in 2000, as the estate agent was showing him around Ganora Farm near Nieu-Bethesda, JP spotted [...]